Why a Guest Blogging Strategy is The New Black

We all know that adding new, unique content to your website is paramount nowadays if you want your website to rank well in Google. Writing content multiple times a week on your website is hard work. It is extremely difficult to produce good quality content week after week, so consider using a guest blog strategy for your site.

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What is a guest blog strategy?

Think of your referral network. Who do you know that is either a good referral partner for your business or other suppliers to the same industry? Make a list of potential guest bloggers who you think would like exposure to your target market in exchange for content for your website?

The key to success for a guest blogging strategy is:-

  • Set out the rules (here is our guest blog guidelines for the Green Umbrella website.
  • Allocate a date for your bloggers. If you do not give them a deadline then it will rarely happen.
  • Chase them with standard emails (we have email signatures set up).
  • Always send them the link to the article for their approval before you add to your social media channels. This nudges them to also share the article with their own network.
  • Always tag them in a Tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn profile, as I guarantee that they will RT or comment on the post, which adds additional exposure.

This video goes into more detail about a guest blogging strategy as a way of enhancing your content marketing. If you are producing regular content on your blog or website then you may be interested in downloading this free blogging checklist. See below.

If you would like a video on a chosen topic then please let me know. I am always happy to hear from you.

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