Saying Yes to Opportunities Measured by ROI + I was featured in MailChimp!

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MailChimp / Alison Narro Photography / Shot at WeWork

On the first week of January, 2017, I got this random email from someone named Matt:

“Hi there: This is an interview request for Julia Spence-McCoy for MailChimp’s agency newsletter.”

Now, to understand a full picture, you have to know that one of my New Year resolution words was “ROI.”

That means that I’m focused this year on everything that only returns on investment. From my moments in a day, to every bit of writing, social media, and $ investment I do. I’m a) getting more generous with time and money — hiring consultants in my weak areas, spending time for opportunities where it counted, and b) drastically reducing the amount of time I spend spinning my wheels on “stuff” that, to put it bluntly, doesn’t count.

I’ve been intentional about it, and oh-my-gosh, it’s been one of the best New Year resolutions I’ve ever made. I’ve been qualifying opportunities by exposure (non-monetary, simply brand or public awareness) and monetary benefits. I audited, dropped some ongoing opportunities, and I said yes on others. I’ve been doing meditational yoga, more self-care, hiring an ad AND sales consultant, more internal meetings. The result? A LOT of good stuff. Self-productivity. From a lot more team meetings came better client retention and one of the best sales months we’ve ever had.

Anyway, back to the topic, rabbit trail.

Mailchimp fell in both a) and b) on my “is-this-ROI” qualification list:

a) I get to be on Mailchimp — Good Lord, 15 million people use them! b) I gained a beautiful array of new headshot photography from it, perfect for updating my stagnated selfies on my Twitter and Facebook public accounts.

I said yes to Matt’s inquiry. (Poor guy: he had to send it twice, since I was stuck on “is-this-ROI” thought for too long.)

A phone interview happened, and they set up a local photographer to shoot me at the beautiful new Domain on WeWork.

So, commence the feature that they launched with, one day before my 26th birthday (best b-day gift ever). Enjoy!

Click here for the full campaign newsletter story, and here for their Medium publication.

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MailChimp / Shot at WeWork

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