My book, So You Think You Can Write, is finally out!

I’m really excited to share (beyond excited, more like ecstatic-gone-crazy) that one of my biggest passions and lifelong dreams is HAPPENING, today: a book, written by yours truly, is now widely available for sale in print and Kindle on Amazon.

So You Think You Can Write? is a guidebook I’ve been working endlessly on the entire past year. After this year of writing and completing my first book, you bet I have a newfound respect for authors. Man, they are some hardworking souls. By now, I’ve put in some serious amounts of 2 and 4 a.m. nights, an unhealthy sacrifice of social life, and I now have an uncomfortably far-too-close-relationship with English grammar after rounds and re-rounds of editing, has resulted from the writing of said book.

I chose to self-publish using CreateSpace on Amazon, and by now, I feel like a self-publishing guru — Amazon probably has me on the Do Not Call list :-P I put in at least 20 calls in two days to their support team. Poor guys. (My next book should be on how to self-publish.)

But, it was all worth it, because I’m thrilled to launch So You Think You Can Write? today.

Here’s a clip about me and why you should buy my book.

Who Is So You Think You Can Write For?

It’s for the writer that wants to take their skills from offline to online AND make money (see my bonus chapter on how to market yourself) AND for the business owner that wants to create and publish worthwhile, really good online content.

Why Buy My Book?

Three good reasons right now:

#1. You’ll come back with better writing skills.

No matter WHO you are, I would bet money right now you will learn something you didn’t know about how to write online content. Whether that’s how to pick out your keywords, a new, awesome content tool from my Appendix and Resources lists, or an unusual way of marketing yourself online — you name it, I bet you’ll walk away with something to take away and use right now in your online writing. And if not, tell me what’s missing! I’d love to know, because I’m working on my next books.

#2. Learning the foundational skills of great online content writing now just arrived in one place.

OK, I’m not claiming to be the only one teaching all of this. I’m not claiming to even be the top expert. And this is by no means the only information you should read. (This is just one book out of several I plan to write on this subject, too, FYI.) But what I am saying is that all the foundations of good SEO writing, that I’ve learned to become successful and which took me years to teach myself, are now in one place in So You Think You Can Write. Wouldn’t you rather have one book in hand than hundreds of articles and downloadables to read?

#3. You’ll learn that there is a career in online writing, and you’ll know the foundations of how to make your own.

There’s a HUGE need for good writers today. I’m very passionate about sharing this need and teaching creative people how to take their writing skills online, so this need gets more fulfilled.

This need for creative online writers is growing this year more than ever. The past few months, we’ve seen a lack of writers available. (Granted, we are in the middle of our biggest re-brand and new development launch that goes live this summer, which will include an internal pay raise for all of our core writers. I’m excited to be able to reward good talent better coming up very soon.)

But as we hire, we’ve always had to hire writers that were experienced and already knowledgeable in the SEO skills of online writing. We have a thorough online writing test that rules out anyone not capable of writing for our level of clients. And we’re so fast-paced we can’t stop and “teach” someone. (Granted, we have done that a few times, but very rarely, with extremely adept learners.)

So, I’ve always wanted to give every single capable writers that wanted to apply — or even just go make a career for themselves out of independent freelance clients, like I did — a way to learn the necessary skills in one place. And now, it’s happening, with So You Think You Can Write?

BONUS #4: It’s out, it’s fully illustrated (fun things to look at), and it’s pretty.

My toddler was actually entertained with the drawings I have inside that represent the seven forms of online content. FYI, she’s fast and never slows down…

Buy it for your toddler, or yourself, if you like cute illustrations.

Go buy it here.

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Soo… What Happened To Writing Fiction?

I still love writing fiction. If you’re wondering what happened to my medieval fiction, when I was 12 years old: I never got it recovered, but I did actually rewrite the whole book before 16 and still have that book deep inside some Dropbox folder, where it probably won’t see the light of day. It’s just not my favorite area of fiction anymore. I’m working on a fictional story concept now that is more in the style of fiction I like: post-apocalyptic, worldwide, end-of-earth plots — think Hunger Games, The Giver, Chronicles of Narnia, Divergent). And, I’m working on the tale of my personal story — something that’s necessary for me both to write out, and to share.


I’m so excited to share my book launch with y’all.

Buy it, and please do leave me an honest review if it helped you! I’d love to know. (You can also view a sample in the Flipboard preview on my book page.)

Signing out,