Every single day we have the opportunity to give up. We could choose to stay in bed and let the covers consume us and hide from the daylight pouring through the blinds. Yet, every day we get up, we take a shower (well, some of us), and go through our morning routine. We go to work or class. We choose to interact with certain people. We learn from these conversations and podcasts and meetings. We tell a joke or throw our heads back to laugh loudly at one. We notice that the barista’s eye color is a sort of greenish-grey, though we never noticed it until right now, despite seeing him every day. This is the reward for rising — all of these intricate, gorgeous moments, and even the horrific ones we kind of wish we could take back: accidentally giving the wrong directions to a stranger and realizing it later. Watching someone, whom we wanted to stay, get in their car and drive away. We have the privilege of tumbling through it all. No matter what we encounter. Even if today is tough, tomorrow we will still wake up and do it all over again because we are tougher. Maybe having to pay rent or going to the gym or knowing that we have plans with our best friend later is what gets us out of bed. The incentive doesn’t matter. We did it. We churned through work to pay our rent on time. We made it to that 6:30am spin class even though the sun wasn’t up yet. We saw our best friend for dinner when only 12 hours ago we were contemplating calling in sick. Maybe we didn’t set out to conquer today, but we still won. The fact that giving up never occurs to us speaks multitudes about who we are. We still rose when every follicle on our skin felt weighed down and tethered to our sheets. We got up and got going because we’re go-getters. We all have those days when we’re tempted to stay down and bury our faces in our cold pillows and briefly consider never leaving this bed. Still, we silence those belittlers (even the ones in our own head) and find our feet firmly on the floor, despite what may be weighing heavily upon our chests. We continue to be blind to giving up because it’s not an option for us. Or maybe we catapult out of bed fondly aware of the mystery that awaits us with an eagerness to allow it to unfold messily before us.

Tomorrow, when we stretch our arms widely after stepping out of bed, acknowledge this accomplishment. The day after that, acknowledge that we’ve consciously chosen to trust this day and see how it pans out. Every day, be grateful for this opportunity to begin once more and simply see how each second goes — despite the last — as we extend our hand and are led towards the path of the inextricably unknown.