If you are interested in improving your newsroom’s relationship with its audience, here are 17 questions to consider.

(These notes are from a breakout group “Journalism’s role in a community” at the News Impact Academy in Manchester on Nov. 3, 2017. Our group consisted of Eliza Anyangwe, John Crowley, Paul Gallagher, and me.

We considered what questions it would be helpful to consider or answer before attempting to find solutions to the problems we saw journalists facing — particularly around mistrust of journalists by the communities they cover and serve.

Other breakout groups looked at the following topics: Power dynamics between newsrooms and their communities; misalignment of journalism practices and community needs; different forms of community; connecting and fostering digital communities; covering distinct yet connected communities. …

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Where you can find my words on journalism, audience engagement, metrics, hiring and more.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my Medium, but I keep picking up followers here, and wanted to give you all an update about where else to find my work. Here are a few things I’ve written in the past few months that I’m proud of and you might be interested in:

Series on the career paths of the first newsroom social media editors (for MetricShift)

I profiled people who started off in these social media editor jobs around 2010, and looked at how they got to where they are now. I profiled:

Journalists are tackling the public’s questions about immigration, refugees, “the wall,” regional political divides, state legislatures, and simply how government works.

From coast to coast (and even across the pond), we’ve seen our partner newsrooms step into the political uncertainty of the past weeks to help audience members get answers to their questions. Based on what we’re seeing and hearing for newsrooms, the supply of questions far outweighs the answers easily available to the public.

This is an important time for journalists to step up. Here’s how six newsrooms are helping their audiences make sense of the confusion and uncertainty around the issues they care most about, by simply listening and responding to audience questions.

Want to learn how to better engage the public? Download our free engagement checklist guide.


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Journalism nerd exploring audience engagement, analytics and newsrooms. My path so far: WI ▹ Mizzou ▹ CO ▹ DC ▹ NYC ▹ Chicago. Engagement consultant at Hearken.

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