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Julia Haslanger
Sep 27, 2017 · 3 min read

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my Medium, but I keep picking up followers here, and wanted to give you all an update about where else to find my work. Here are a few things I’ve written in the past few months that I’m proud of and you might be interested in:

I profiled people who started off in these social media editor jobs around 2010, and looked at how they got to where they are now. I profiled:

I work full-time at a small company called Hearken, and we have a pretty unique hiring process. Enough people commented on our process over the summer when we were last hiring that I pitched to the team that we should write up our process. So, in early September, Summer Fields and I teamed up to write it out, explain why we did what we did, and share what we’d do differently. It’s more documentation than essay, so don’t be dismayed by Medium telling you it’s a 23-minute read.

Every month for the past year, I’ve written a behemoth of a newsletter about the great things Hearken partner newsrooms are up to, what’s going on inside the company, and a compilation of links to stuff we’re reading about the journalism industry. I take a lot of pride and care in putting this newsletter together, and try to make sure every word and link in there is worth the space it takes up in your inbox. (Sign up for the newsletter here.)

Our amazing CEO Jennifer Brandel authored this herself, but I did major editing work on it, and designed the PDF. It was great to stretch my InDesign muscles again. (So many shortcuts from muscle memory, it’s bonkers.) It’s 10 pages of easy-to-read goodness. Something worth putting your email in so you can download it, print it, and keep it at your desk (or slide it stealthy onto someone else’s desk as a hint).

That’s all for now. What questions do you have about audience engagement or metrics that you’d like to read something about? I’m always looking for more things to research and write about. Shoot me a tweet (JuliaJRH) or leave a response here.

Also, side note: Find people to pay you to write. It’s an amazing feeling, and something I never expected would happen for me. (“But you went to journalism school!” you say. I point out that I went for copy editing and page design, which both require strong writing skills but are not actually writing jobs.) Anyway, it just takes a little hunting and a good dose of confidence to find someone to pay you. It may not be a lot, but anything is better than nothing.

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