Introducing: Bucket beta

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I always have a bag packed to set out on an adventure, whether it’s backpacking through a foreign country, a weekend wine trip to Napa, or an outing in one of San Francisco’s vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. With more than 35 countries under my belt, I’m the first to admit that planning trips is exhausting.

How do you actually figure out where you want to go, what you want to do, and go do it?

This is the problem that my friend and fellow Facebook alum John Sichi and I set out to solve. We put our heads together to explore the travel space, and discovered that we weren’t the only ones who had faced logistical burdens. According to one study by Expedia, travelers visited 35 sites before they even booked a trip and they spent an average of 108 days preparing for their departure.

We connected with a number of travelers and observed their trip planning process. Their process was haphazard at best. They would open 20 windows in a Web browser; copy and paste ideas they liked from travel sites into a document; ask their friends on Facebook for personal recommendations, and copy and paste their responses into the document.

The result: 4–5 pages of text, but no practical way of organizing or visualizing their trips; no supporting information about their potential excursions; and no sense of how far multiple destinations were from each other.

So John and I began to re-imagine trip planning for a new generation of tech-savvy travelers. We wanted to create something that would not only simplify logistics, but would also be fun and collaborative. We built Bucket.

Bucket allows you to collect your trip ideas from any source (online or from friends), decide, and go.

You can:

  • Collect trip ideas from anywhere across the web — travel sites (Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, etc.) or friends (Facebook or email)
  • Personalize your trip by writing notes, uploading photos, and starring your favorite places to make your trip special
  • Go. See where your places are around you on a map, and navigate to your next adventure!

Today we unveil the beta version of our product supporting Northern California. More locations coming soon!

You can take text or recommendations from any site and transform it quickly into something that looks like an actionable Pinterest board. We keep it in context (ie: Go drink the salted carmel latte at Joe’s Coffee) of your original article, but also find and assemble all the important information for you like photos, ratings, reviews, and dynamically auto-map everything for it to be easy for you to decide and go.

It’s a product that anyone can use to plan trips, locally or afar, whether it’s collecting your ideas across the web of your favorite restaurants, sharing local recommendations with your friend who’s coming to town, or collaborating for a longer vacation with loved ones.

See how marketing extraordinaire, Randi Zuckerberg uses Bucket to collect her ideas for the best places to take her kids

…how the Hi-SF San Francisco City Center hostel uses Bucket to provide walking tour recommendations to excited travelers coming to town…

…or explore, save, and navigate to all the 200+ restaurants who are participating in the San Francisco Eat + Drink Festival on August 20th.

Try out Bucket! We do the planning, so you don’t have to.