Ask Dancers | Word Meditations 28/366

Dancers will dance with anyone. It’s not a derogatory statement; it’s the truth. Especially “social” dancers. People who dance socially, as a hobby and a way of interaction.

Non-dancers often don’t get this. Not for dances danced in couples. And especially not for romantic dancers danced in couples.

“So everyone here are couples?” he asked me, and I could hardly keep my mouth from twisting into the expression of disgust. “Of course not. Why would you even say that?” His mouth hang so low it was the only of his touching the dance floor.

“I don’t think people ought to dance with just everyone.” It was my jaw’s turn to hit the dance floor. “I think you’re quite narrow-minded,” I responded. And when he said he didn’t think it right for a woman in a relationship to be talking to other men, I knew it was time for my feet to hit the dance floor, too — and escape through that most unethical (and most joyous) activity of dancing.

Dancing isn’t just fun. Dancing is joy. Dancing is expression. Dancing in communication. Dancers have conversations. Read, deep, interesting conversations with no words. Dance is a type of friendship. And only dancers get it.