Perfection | Word Meditations 29/366

You create both beauty and perfection.

Perfection is impossible yet we must seek it.

Not for the sake of becoming obsessive-compulsive. Not so it can paralyze us with fear into never shipping anything. And no so it can burden us with the anxiety of what other people are doing.

We must seek perfection for our own interests. For our own good. For our own advancement.

Perfection leads to beauty. Not the flawed idea of beauty as a typified standard that we must all adhere to, but rather the beauty of the form.

Beauty as divine. Beauty as energy.

A perfect harmony is beautiful. The perfect step is beautiful. The perfect color is beautiful. Yet all of these things can only be conditionally perfect. Only perfect and beautiful within their specific and limited context. But when they reach that limited perfection their beauty transcends into the higher beings.

Put the same color on a different painting, the same step to a different dance, and the same notes to a different tune and you’ve lost both perfection and beauty.

We must all seek perfection in all we do. Not as an ideal standard, but as a personal, limited, and contextual standard. We must all strive after beauty.

For without beauty this world is not worth occupying. The beauty of a smile, the beauty of a tender touch, the beauty of the right response, the beauty of guidance.

Whatever path it is you’ve been inspired to follow in life by the energy that flows through you and around you, make it perfect and make it beautiful. We’re counting on you.

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