The overall champion of Olympic DemoCup contest increased his deposit by 166 times in ten days!

Today we would like to present you the overall winner in the total individual score and the winner in inter-team individual score — Alexey Brusyansky, Russia.

As a reminder, in parallel with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, another international competition — Olympic DemoCup contest, which was organized by NordFX broker company, took place, and Forex traders from nearly 100 countries took part in it. The prize fund made $23100, of which $2000 got Alexey Brusyansky.

– So, Alexey, please accept our congratulations and a traditional request — tell us some highlights of your biography.

– I am 30 years old, I was born, lived and studied in Izhevsk (the 20th most populous city of Russia), my specialization is a mathematician-economist. Virtually I’m working within my specialty: trading is my basic occupation and basic income.

– This means that you provide for your family on this money, and moreover you travel the world? In social networks I saw that you were, for example, in Paris with your family.

– Yes, yes, all this with this money. The income is fine by me, and I like mobility. I’ve been doing it in Izhevsk, then I moved to Moscow and though I changed the place of residence, my working area remained the same — Forex. My wife doesn’t work, she is studying at Moscow State University (MSU), and we have enough money.

– How long have you been trading on Forex?

– I will celebrate the tenth anniversary soon. In 2007 I learned about Forex, and in 2008, graduating from the university, I began to take an active interest in automatic trading using advisers. I didn’t even get a job, I instantly threw myself into trading.

– Have you used advisers during the contest?

– Yes, I have.

– Have you received an education in trading anywhere? Do you design advisers yourself?

– I didn’t study Forex anywhere, my source of knowledge is the Internet. And writing of advisers is a standard programming, it’s what we were trained at university. Now, however, I only develop algorithms, and as for the codes — I order them, they are written by other specialists.

– If you don’t mind me asking, what strategies do you use most often?

– I like the ones, with minimum forecast. Different correlations, for example. Somewhere in forums I heard such a name — non-forecast systems. I don’t use averaging at all.

– I see. This interests me because your result is incredibly impressive: increasing the deposit from $10 000 to $1 660 000 in ten days– it’s rarely seen even on a demo account.

–There was just good volatility. If you trade on the basis of a forecast, everything depends on how accurate it is, there one can win a lot per single trade, but at the same time — one can lose a lot. And in non-forecast trades the profit is small, but there are a lot of trades, so that’s why the deposit is growing.

– Don’t you use fundamentals at all?

– News releases are interesting to me, first of all, from the viewpoint of volatility. The main trading is on Fridays during releases of news from the USA. All week I’m trading not very actively, I check and I refine strategies, advisers and if that’s all right, I can take all the profit by virtue of one news release on Friday. By the way, I close all positions within the day and I never roll-over them for tomorrow and, especially, for the next week. It’s very comfortable psychologically, I go to bed peacefully.

– And haven’t you tried to make money as a provider of trading signals? It could be quite real extra money.

– This is all new territory for me, just now I’ve begun to study copying of signals and all that goes with it. So far I traded only on my own money, plus I took out bank loans.

­– More often traders try to attract investors from the outside.

– It’s true. In the Internet one can often see such announcements. But, for example, it makes me a question instantly: if your system is great, and everything works perfectly, then why won’t you go to the bank and take out a loan, I, for example, used to do that all the time and if I lose, then I will be answerable for it with my money. Therefore I’m in no hurry to work with somebody else’s money, the reputation is important for me. Especially if these amounts will be large.

– As for you, does it matter which amounts to trade with?

– There is a psychological factor. It is possible to trade on hundred dollars. And if we take hundred thousand dollars, seemingly nothing would change here — it is necessary just to increase the volume of trades by thousand times, and that’s all. But, I think, many would agree, that psychologically it is much easier to operate with a small amount.

– And, according to contestants of DemoCup, it is even easier to trade on virtual accounts. By the way, have you ever participated in other stages of this contest? Because NordFX has been holding them monthly for over five years.

– I participated several times and even I won. I like this contest very much, not only because of the prizes, but also because of the attitude towards the contestants. In some other contests when you win, you won’t get any e-mail, and here everyone is nice and polite, congratulate on the winning. Though, I also like NordFX prizes — big awards, which are rarely seen.

– We saw your profit on a demo account. And if you don’t mind me asking, how is it going with real accounts?

– I couldn’t say the annual profits as I live off this money, and I have to withdraw the profit on a regular basis. My standard goal — is at least five percent a month. But, it happens, that I earn 50%, and more. Sometimes, I meet the target at the beginning of a month, or even on the first day, and then during the whole month I trade in a free, relaxed mode. By the way, it works even better this way.

– If you don’t mind, I’ll ask one more our traditional question — what is your goal in life?

– As for the objectives for the near future, I want to increase my performance so that not to deal with money matters. Now money making takes my whole working day, and I’d like to spend no longer than one hour. Forex is a real pleasure, but there are also other projects which I’d like to implement — crypto-currencies, payment systems, and etc. There is, of course, a super-goal, but I won’t voice it yet ).