This thread is fascinating on lots of levels for me… thank you for writing it.
Dreams, education… it all changes you but also changes your relationship with those who championed…
Gerard Mclean

It is fascinating! Mostly because I think in North America, discussing class differences is viewed as oddly taboo on some level…so people rarely parse out the nitty-gritty details of their own class struggles.

One of the most interesting things for me, in observing this US election (I am Canadian so I am just an observer), is how/why someone like Trump, who is from New York City and born into the upper class, seems so relatable to his working class supporters. You’d think they would hate him for what he is, but they don’t.

I have read some commentators who say Trump acts like an almost a cartoon version of what working class people think rich people are like. But I do not think there is the whole story – I think there is more going on there, from a class POV.

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