On Going Gray and Fading Away

Oh gosh – not sure if you still follow me Alexainie but I wrote a piece yesterday that echoes this sentiment almost exactly…so glad to know I am not alone in feeling that “invisible” feeling!

And yeah, I have done a few cosmetic-type things in the last few years that I swore in my 20's I would never do (because feminism etc). Because back then, of course, my hair was shiny and full and my skin was smooth and tight and all the clothes in the stores fit and looked appropriate on me.

So back then it was easy peasy for me to say “Oh, I won’t fight aging! I will love myself even when my skin wrinkles and my hair grays!”

The best laid plans, they say.

I say now, as women of a “certain age” we have earned the right to do whatever the hell we want for ourselves in that realm – you do you!

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