It’s hard having to be the one who braces your kid for reality.
I have a hard time balancing this with my son.

That is true and a good point – like anything in parenting, it is a fine balance. You want to shore them up, but you also do not want them to be *completely* shocked by reality when they encounter it. Like you say, not everyone thinks rainbows come out of your butt like Mom does ;-)

My biggest issue with my daughter right now centres around looks-based stuff. While I try not to over-emphasize appearance-based stuff with her, I do want her to see herself as beautiful, so I do praise her in that way sometimes.

But the trouble, if you can call it that, comes when so many other adults around her praise her on her appearance. Of course I am biased to a degree, but I really do think my daughter is a quite a pretty little girl – people stop us wherever we go and comment on her looks. (I think we have maybe talked about this before? I feel like I might be repeating myself to you hah).

Which again, is nice, but even if I pipe up and say “Yes, and she is very (insert a non-appearance-related adjective here) too!” to kind of counter it, she ain’t stupid – she knows that it is her appearance which makes people notice her initially.

So yeah, it is a tricky balance, because I want her to see herself as beautiful but also not look for/rely on other people seeing her that way. Tricky, tricky.

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