Let me ask you to imagine.
Nessa Saurus

The vision you describe is a great and a worthy one to work towards.

I feel, though, as someone who really, really wanted to breastfeed my baby – and despite the great professional support I received, I was ultimately unable to do so for a myriad of reasons – that my experience is rarely heard in the discussion.

Any time I have ever tried to explain what happened, at the time or even now, I was/am either told outright (or it is implied) that I “did not try hard enough.”

That has been my experience over and over, from well-meaning friends and family to medical professionals and lactation specialists. And I doubt I am alone in experiencing this shaming, judgement and pressure – which truly did devastate me at a time when I was most vulnerable as a new Mom.

I think, therefore, it is important to acknowledge that this type of shaming and pressure can and does happen to new mothers. It is not divisive to point out the harm that is done sometimes – that indeed it is necessary to validate that before we can move on to the lovely vision.

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