How We Put Our Team Under Artificial Intelligence Control

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The machine learning team has been thinking of introducing the Artificial Intelligence (hereafter ‘AI’) into our team’s workflow for a year. The experiment was in getting the AI into development of our internal project, with a deadline set to 30 days. For the sake of experiment, the company’s management decided to send our Project Manager to our second office in Vilnius, to do some other tasks.

Just so that you can understand, the neural network for our office is an AI, capable of structuring the teammates’ work, helping with decisions on bonus offers, task transfers, closed tasks and smoking out free-loaders. Put simply, this month the neural network is our PM.

AI has been connected to our task management system. We have digitized a vast amount of data for it, such as: teammates’ check-in and check-out times, database of colleagues and their wages, company’s accountancy, task assignment system. Those who’d like to work out of scope will get a wage bonus at the end of the month.

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