Can you tell something about the latest Ruby news?

In the streets down below Roobykon’s offices, the crunch of fallen chestnuts under the feet of passers-by means one thing: autumn is here. But the cooling days don’t take any of the heat from the daily lives of our Ruby colleaguesfrom around the world — as this latest haul of blog posts shows!

How to write your first CLI with Thor

Down in Brazil, Magentis are celebrating spring by moving their cloud infrastructure over to a new system. To this end, they created a series of shell scripts — but as these grew in number, things started to get messy. Then, an interview candidate inspired a Thor-based solution…

Introduction to Concurrency Models with Ruby. Part I

What are the differences between processes and threads? What are GIL, EventMachine, and Fibers in Ruby? If you’re still a relative beginner..Continue reading: