Donald Trump’s campaign of prejudice and paranoia is unlike anything we’ve seen — and it’s…
Hillary Clinton

Do you know why “we” oppose Russia and “we” Welcome Islamization?Do you know why and how “we” are pressured and shamed when “we” dare to ask why? Is it in our own rational self interest to stand for any of it to oblige the ambitions of one Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Hillary is in the pay and under the sway of George Soros who is subject to an International Arrest Warrant for aggression against Russian sovereignty in the matter of conspiracy to annexe the Ukraine to the EU thereby threatening to compromise Russia’s gas supply lines into Europe and through currency manipulation intended to tank the Russian Ruble.

This is the same George Soros that benefitted from tanking the British Pound on “Black Wednesday” 1992 through the convenient intervention of president of the Bundesbank in Germany Helmut Schlesinger who now works on the Advisory board for IdeaCarbon, a Soros-backed Carbon Rating Agency.

While Hillary’s gross financial conflicts of interests with the Clinton Foundation, exempting her Counsel Cheryl Mills to carry on taking political donations while allegedly serving as Secretary of State render her impeachable on its face, when speaking of clear and present danger to World Peace and US Homeland Security nothing can top the twin treason of apparently inviting Muslim terrorist-linked infiltration and Classified access up to and including Special Access Privilege at the head of government via her top aide Huma Abedin, a lady apparently cleared despite direct family ties to leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and by association to Hamas:

Secondly to push the USA to the brink of a conflict with Russia (likely past that brink given the opportunity) for the benefit and agenda of the aforementioned Soros whose battles with Putin, a potential US ally, are private and of no concern to the National Interest of the United States of America.

It is beyond the pale that a person of this standing can be considered for public office ever again of any standing whatsoever much less the Presidency of a Global Nuclear Super Power.

The conflict of interest in the media is to be condemned. Voters Beware:

If oil wars and regime change interventions the world over, mass cultural migration, demographic manipulation and social unrest, “old tricks” like peer pressure and shaming to stifle dissent, international gerrymandering, taxation to fund Federal Reserve Treasury bonds and other forms of national debt, antagonising Russia towards nuclear confrontation, partisan media and propaganda use against the nation’s own citizens, selling favours from high office or any of these things are the policy of a Presidential candidate, then by all means a put these items to the vote and if the majority of Americans agree then that’s the President Americans deserve. Alternatively, if agenda like this is not electable in the light of day then in America of all places, it must be rejected, regardless of sugar coating.