Day 1

Today begins my phoenix-esque rebirth. A daily blog, this series will chronicle my path towards a dream score on the GRE.

Welcome to the journey.

Math: Data Analysis.

I began with section 4, data analysis. Basically, a look into describing past+present trends. An easier section, with some nuances.

Key Definitions:

  1. Variables- factors that can vary for the population of focus. 2)
  2. First Quartile- 1st group of the data from least (L) to Q1
  3. Second Quartile- 2nd group of the data from Q1 to M (median)
  4. Third Quartile- 3rd group of the data from M to Q3
  5. Fourth Quartile- 4th group of the data from Q3 to G (greatest)
  6. Standard Deviation- How spread out numbers are from the mean.

Tricky Concept- Slope

The slope of this scenario is the, “ratio of change in finishing time to the change in training index.” In other words — the amount of minutes the finishing time is predicted to decrease with X additional units of training.

Why is it tricky?: It relies on a knowledge of the concept with some ratios, and a little coordinate geometry.

How to remember?: Think about what the X and Y axis say, then think about what would bring someone from left to right on that line.

How to solve: Pick two points on the line, e.g. (30,5) and (50,4.5)

Vocabulary of the Day

Vocab, it makes me wanna dab™

Ossify: harden. // As Lucas continued making futile attempts Kevin laugh, his opinion that Lucas wasn’t funny ossified.
Loath: reluctant. // Shalini was loath to leave the bed until the blanket was pulled away.

Tomorrow: 4.3 Counting Methods, 4.4 Probability and Vocabulary with 10 Magoosh questions.

Thanks for stopping by, Shalini.

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