5 conversations i’m going to have with my future grandchildren!

You know this people, mostly older ones, say this famous sentence: Oh boy, in earlier times everything was better. What will I say in 50 years?

“ Spotify? What is Spotify ? When i was so old like you, we needed to buy vinyls. That was a good time!” … Oh yes Grandpa, i know, when you was in my age, everything seems to be better — and do you know what? In 50 years , I will also grumble about the good old times.” And this is what I am going to say to my grandchildren:

The Social Network

“When i was 19 years the facebook-boom came to Germany. We already had some social networks, but Facebook changed everything. In roundabout 5 years, all other networks closed — everyone was moved to Facebook. You know, at the beginning, it was really cool. You could play games with friends, making stupid tests, tell your friends what you are doing and all that stuff.

Then it became boring. All these idiots posting such stupid things. And the worst thing, people get an attention deficit. It was an addiction to them — and no one realised. After 5 years i stopped using Facebook and after 10 years i deleted my account and got back to the normal life.”

“And your friends, Grandpa?”

“Years later, they did the same. Then Facebook died as fast as it became famous. Over 1.4 billion people moved on. Thats nature.”

Smartphones and the Heads-down-community

The typical pose of the Heads-down-community

“Oh boy, there is one thing i totally won’t miss — the Smartphones and all the people, who stared at there smartphone whenever they could. The Smartphone was thought as an new way to stay in contact to your friends and family. It should change the social competence, and it did. But in the wrong way.

The People unlearned to talk. A conversation became a fight for them, a fight with themselves. The head is getting heavier and the hand starts to slide to their mobile phones. Those fucking idiots tipping on their phones with their heads down, even if you were talking to them. Oh sorry, didn’t want to say the F-word.”

“But Grandpa, now they have the same messagefeatures on their smartglasses and -lenses”

“Yes, but at least they have their heads up and look at your face, even if they read unimportant messages from their friends. A step forward. A small step.”

Local shopping stores

“One thing was such a cool hobby when I was a young man — to go shopping. In the City. Walking thru shops. No, no Online-shops. Real shops, were you test a shirt if it was fitting. Salesperson were talking to you and try to sold you something you want. Not such a stupid clicking on “Add to Cart” and Buy. No waiting for your package.

All the interactions with persons, like salesman, passengers and friends, shopping was such an experience with other people. Sometimes the goal wasn’t buying things, the goal was spending time with your friends and family. Oh damn, i miss this!”


“Oh, i need to tell you about this innovation in the 80's. A long time before Youtube, there was an invention called ‘television’. Nothing in kind with the television now, many years ago we had a lot of television channels, you could what without internet. Big teams produced movies, TV series and commercials. Many TV events, like the legendary superbowl, millions of people were watching at the same time.

You know, i have planned my week sometimes from the tv program. If a nice movie were played, I stood at home to watch. i were a big fan from series like Dexter, Modern family, House of cards or other interresting series.

Nowadays, all the television stuff is produced by normal people. No big teams, no big and expensive movies, no great commercials. Only boys and girls talking about their daily stuff, playing games or talking about worldwide news. All the costs of great series have been gone.

So much reality, I even forget my own reality.”

“But grandpa, the people can identify with them”

“ Yes, and thats the problem! Where are the entertainment with science fiction, love, drama, special effects, great soundtracks etc., you will remember your whole life?”

Missing jobs

“Boy, have you already think about your future job ? What you want to do?

When i was about 35 years old, many jobs started to disappear. So good jobs, no one know even more. If you go to a gas station, you pay at a machine. When i was driving, i give my money to salesperson — whishing me a good day. All the machines at the production of furniture, many years ago there were special trained workers for this — no machine were able to create beautiful furniture with love!

Talking to machines sucks, even if they try to sound like a real person. No machine will ever replace a real person! Always remember this, my boy!”

“Grandpa, all our jobs have been transfered to machines — the world is perfect. No work have to be done from humans”

“Let’s see, if you will say this to your future grandchildren in 70 years!

The world will never be perfect.”

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