Change Quora

I am Julian Wanes and this is my story of how Quora became the most corrupt website ever.

When I started

I started in the middle of summer in 2016. I wrote an answer about Apple and how widespread they were in universities. It was my 5th or 6th answer. My ones before it received roughly 4K views and less than 30 upvotes.

My answer to that question made me instantly popular. 60K views in one day for an unknown writer is extremely well. In the next week, it received 150K views.

I wrote a lot of other answers and got 350K views and north of 15K upvotes. I was a top writer in 8 categories. I was beating the King Of Apple, Chuck Rogers.

I wrote another answer then about Tim Cook and how he should not be fired as the CEO

From there, everything went downhill

It was insanely popular, more so than the last. It got 20K views in the first day and 300 upvotes in the same time.

The next day it received 50K views and 5k upvotes.

Then I posted a picture of Tim Cook with a quote said by Steve Jobs on it. Quora thought it was a meme and collapsed my answer. From that answer with all my others I had 500K views in 2 weeks.

I was down to 420K views and angry and that was when I became the Head of Change Quora.

Change Quora

In the next week, I wrote a series of 7 answers and 13 comments entitled the Change Quora Series.

I wrote a blog about how Quora was corrupt which received 3 followers in 2 days. My 7 answers directed people to the blog and it became popular (with more time it would have become much more popular0

I wrote about how Quora was bad and how they were corrupt. If an answer has 20+ upvotes, it will not be uncollapsed.

Quora banned my account and then I sat down and was ready to change Quora for good.

After Being Deleted

I created a second account and I saw questions about me popping up on Quora. They received 180 views with the only topic being Jules Wanes.

I wrote an answer and Quora deleted my account for sock puppet.

Now I am ready to fight back against Quora. In two years, Quora will see me and 5 thousand people will upvote a blog about changing Quora.

5,000 people will be very little out of the 5 million that participate but .1 percent would be enough for them to notice me.

Quora will change in two years.