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Julian Dorn
Jan 8, 2016 · Unlisted

Hey friends,

We are three students from germany, and we belief that everyone should be able to decide what happens with his personal files after he dies. That’s why we created the concept ‘give’.

give is about digital legacy, a topic that we think will be extremely important in the future. If you also think people should take care about their digital legacy we would love it if you help us sharing the project.

Leon(, Moritz and Julian ( or @julian_dorn)

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So what’s “give”?

give serves to manage and regulate your digital legacy precautionary. In an easy way one can determine heirs and files can be prepared to disappear with you. Digital legacy contains every kind of data you have, no matter if it’s local on your device or part of an online service you are using.

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Why is it important?

While all the things you can touch will be passed on to someone by law or by will, it is a big unsolved question what will happen to all your digital music, photos, movies, documents, accounts and web spaces. Some of these things may just be fine for remembrance, others may be important to regulate, for example lots of contracts only exist as a digital version today.

How will we regulate our digital legacy in the future?

The devisor needs to install our software and order one of our special storage devices for each heir. When he plugs a device into his computer he can create an heir in our software, who is related to only this device. Now he can store it at a safe place like at the notary. To this moment there is not any data on the device. In the software the devisor can add data to all of his heirs or mark secret data, which shall disappear with him. He also has the option to comment on his content.

Here you can see how our project works

In case the devisor dies, the devices will be given to the heirs he chose. Each heir has to plug his device into the computer of our devisor once. When a prepared device is plugged in, our software will delete all data marked as ‘secret files’. At the same time all data related to the heir of the device will be copied onto it, together with the software for our heir.

The heir can now go and see all his digital heritage with comments and wishes of the devisor, thanks to the software.

More about the software

Add data you want to pass on to one or more heirs. You can also add comments and wishes for every single content. You have the full control about who will get your data and which data will stay your secret forever. Different views allow you to always maintain your overview.

Browse through your heritage, see comments, wishes and additional information. You can also check which tasks you have finished and which still need to be done. You can export any files on any device you want. An intelligent search allows you to always find what you need.

More about the hardware

Our hardware is not just a hard drive, but also a key and a very personal object. It is built to transfer data, but only in one direction: the digital heritage will be copied onto the device, but one cannot delete any data. A device can only be related to one heir, which makes it a very personal thing. Therefore we decided to let the customer make a unique 3D polygon shape with names as parameters to individualize it.

So where can I get give?

This project is our Bachelor Thesis at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. At the moment it’s still a concept. We think the topic of digital legacy is extremly important and with our project we want to show you a possible solution for the project. We would love to get your feedback and thoughts on this. Just write us an email or tell us in a tweet what you think.

Find out more at the give website:

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About us?

We are Leon Schlechtriem, Moritz Dobernecker and Julian Dorn, three students from the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. We’ve all studied Interaction Design and this project was our bachelor thesis.

Leon Schlechtriem

Julian Dorn

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