Day 14 — Attention grabbing title here

If you decoded the title properly — you’ll notice I didn’t have a good title in mind for this blog post, and I wanted to play on that fact with a little sarcasm.

For lack of a better title — and a little sarcasm

Today I woke up rather late, cause I slept in. I wasn’t at home either, I was still up north. We had my favorite waffle recipe for breakfast — and that was absolutely wonderful. But, the stress of fixing our neglected property’s roof and dealing with hired labor caused a bit of an uproar at the kitchen table. As my thoughtful grandmother put it “The table should be a place of fellowship, not for arguments that have nothing to do with me — I don’t get to see you very often, and I want to enjoy your presence and conversation.” At first, I was a bit taken aback. I wondered if grandma came off a little bit harsh, but as I let those words sink in — I realized “No, she is right. This isn’t right. We need to fix it.” I guess everyone else at the table felt similar because it stopped, and blossomed into a great conversation build-up afterwards.

Meal tables should be places of fellowship — nothing else

Today concluded the weekend work on the property’s roof. I said weekend didn’t I? Yeah, it was planned for the weekend but it took longer than anticipated and spilled over another day and a half. The heat and humidity didn’t help either. It was 90 degrees out yesterday, and reached 85 degrees today. That’s the way projects go though — you make a deadline and you try your best to make it, and if you fail, you go until it is finished. When it was over we had dinner with my grandma, and started for home — a couple hour trip.

The roof project is done and I’m home again — for now

Today I also worked on server administration, placing people in the right roles — and helping to automate the whole upkeep process. I ran into some unexpected fallout, although if I had been reading the signals — I should have caught it sooner. It just goes to show that you need to be very careful who you give permissions, powers, and responsibilities to — because anyone can screw it up pretty fast. Luckily, I have my trusted second admin to help me sort things out and get it back rolling again, which he did very well.

Be careful who you give special privileges and permissions to

Also, funny thing happened today. A headline story making its rounds today is that Bill Gates switched from using Windows Phone to using Android now.

He is likely using a custom Galaxy S8 device that runs all of Microsoft’s available software on the Android ecosystem. This particular variant of Galaxy S8 has been selling on the Microsoft store for quite a while now. I guess Microsoft is just reinforcing that their phone business is no longer about hardware — but focused on Microsoft branded software and services that run on Android in hopes of staying relevant in an Android world.

Microsoft is clinging to mobile software — and abandoning phone hardware

That’s all for now. It’s kind of late (12:06 AM) and I should get some rest now.

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