Facebook Messenger Will Let You Pay Your Friends Back With PayPal Soon

Facebook Messenger PayPal

I should let you know…there isn’t an exact timeline when it will reach Android. It is coming to iOS first — in the immediate future. Facebook Messenger has a huge user base, partly because Facebook forced users to use Messenger if they wanted to continue chatting using Facebook web, but the numbers are there now. You might be able to say “Everyone is using it.” This of course leads us to PayPal wanting to make their services more convenient for as many people as possible. Why wouldn’t you just use the PayPal app to start with? Well…you probably would — except that you’re in Messenger typing and it’s just too convenient not to leave the app. It’s kind of like having the PayPal app built-into your conversation on Facebook Messenger.

So iOS users, expect it soon — if not already. And Android users, just hang tight — fingers-crossed. It’s on the way.

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