It’s like Speed-dating Advice for Professionals | — My Review

SmashLab recently introduced a new networking platform that enables people to connect as mentors and learners. This review represents both my personal thoughts/observations of this product and also an expression of gratitude to Eric (Karj) for helping me to realize my ‘dream’ of meeting someone through this site whom I’ve “wondered” at for the last 8 years. It’s a pretty neat thing when you ‘randomly’ connect with the person who inspired some of the career choices you made as a result of seeing his/her work.


So I’ve been trying out recently. It is a platform that gives busy talented people the opportunity to connect with each other in search of FREE professional advice or feedback. You can either be an ‘Advisor’, the dispenser of information or a ‘Learner’, a seeker of advice. You may also be both ‘Advisor and Learner’ as I am.

The platform is simple, intuitive and easy to use and is predicated on one unique offering: You and your ‘person’ get 10 minutes of FREE time to interact. Technically, you can change that time limit if both of you are online 5 minutes earlier but ten minutes is where the rubber hits the road. What is asked and distilled in those ten minutes of confidential time is yours to enjoy and reflect upon.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Is 10 minutes enough time to talk? Personally, I feel that 10 minutes is enough to know if you’ve made a ‘connection’ with the other person. And therein lies strength… making the first connection, having the courage to ask your questions (if you are a learner) and finding resources that can help you move on your journey. Ten minutes is enough to know whether you’d like to make a subsequent appointment without the specter of ‘awkward goodbye’s’. Finally, ten minutes is also enough time to express one’s gratitude toward each other in simple yet concrete ways ex. share a resource or link for them? Promote something that they’ve done? etc.

On the whole, I liked for it’s ease of use and scale. I’ve met some super cool people from all over the world; folks whom I’d NEVER have been able to meet through random channel searches or traditional networks. At the same time, I’ve also enjoyed mentoring and gaining fresh perspectives on how I can offer skills that I take for granted to enable others to reach their own goals. Going in with a ‘give/take’ mindset provides the best opportunity to express gratitude as one practices the law of universal reciprocity.

In the end, is off to a good start and I hope that it gains traction and finds success. Test it out for yourself and if you’ve got 10 minutes, connect with me. Let’s talk.