A new adventure after 50

In the 60’s and 70’s, my father engrossed himself in his work and like many immigrants, pursued his version of the American dream. Dad worked diligently and saw the fruits of his labor pay dividends. He was the first of his family to enter this new land and eventually helped many of his nephews and nieces come to the US from Taiwan. He helped serve as a surrogate father to many of them, helping them navigate the uncharted waters of obtaining visas, applying to university, learning english, finding lodging, and walking several down the aisle on their wedding day. However because of his medical problems my dad never thought he’d get married. One fateful day, two families in Taiwan playing mahjong decided to play matchmaker and wrote to their kids in America to introduce them. My father wrote to a woman in nursing graduate school at UCLA and they started a long distance courtship of letters, phone calls, and visits. After a year of dating, my dad at 49 years old, drove cross country to California to marry my mom at 38 years old. After several days they brought her MS Nursing diploma and all her meager possessions to set out on their new adventure together. 2 years later they gave birth to my brother and 2 years afterward I was born.

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