..Short term- ism

I have been looking for answers. I know am guilty of it too. I needed to make sense to some of the questions that have been “beba twende, beba twende” on my head.

In my pursuit of purpose and meaning, trying to explore what seats deep within me and trying my level best to actualize them. I have worked with many young people, this seems to shed light to my concerns about their actions and decisions.

As a responsible somebody, I always take responsibility for my actions and my choices. At least I have come to learn to do so.

Short cut, short term, short temper, short etc..

I watched a TED talk that changed my perspective on certain pertinent issues. Most of us are trying to make everything work in our life time, we are stuck to today and tomorrow.

Our decisions are led by fear, survival.

We want the house today, the big car today, the position today. Majority of our young people don’t appreciate the joy that comes with one step at a time, one task a time with forever in mind.

We don’t spend our time being master’s of what we are. We want the results now. And this is not just young people governments and institutions too.

I have been working with IJM and other community organisation on community dialogues on Extra judicial killings and what stood out through out not just the impressive ability of a human heart to store and carry pain or the level of brutality of human being but also the understanding that we respond to long term issues with short term solutions.

We want to see insecurity decrease now,so we pump in bullets on a 17 yr olds body. It stops their hearts but it doesn’t stop the crime in our communities.

Young people get in the job market not to be of value but to look like they are busy not willing to put in the work to not only grow in purpose but also to contribute to their generation.

Look at some of the things that come out from our hands and our efforts. Sub standard products and services not because we are not capable but because we can’t take time to build things that will stand the test of time.

We don’t need to finish the job but we can set up a foundation, make it easy for those that will take it up from us.

Every five years before elections. The the calls I get for a peace this and that. Peace concert, peace songs… am like “you are five years late” if we are interested in transformation we should start now to see the changes at least ten years from now.

Yes I know am becoming old.

Back to young people, am a fan of urgency. Doing it now because I can. The reason is so that I can create space to do more. I take my time to make certain decisions I like looking into difference scenarios of the situation.

I understand the weight that comes with altering a course of an action.

I try not to be quick of anger and avoid such spaces or situations because I might say or do the Wrong thing and I can never take it back. I avoid confrontation because I know my limits. All of this so that I don’t lose focus of what really matter.

Same with my music, same with my relationship and work. I appreciate counsel even though I know what I want.

When standing on a giants shoulder you still can’t see far because you Don’t have giant eyes.

We often think we know better than our elders. Technology change, things change but human nature remains the same since time back then. The scriptures are as relevant now as were then.

The seven deadly sins still drives people crazy this days of wifi same as those days of rubbing two stones to create fire.

So let’s look beyond our nose and stomachs let’s close our eyes see a future then roll our sleeves to build it.”Hey” people who think like us and grow together.

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