Type of Kenyans:

The Elite - (“what is unga?")

The Rich - New money (tender imejipa, top managers, range rover haiezi skumwa mse)

The Leach - ( Hapa kule, najua na nani naeza ku-hook up)

The Out of reach - ( Bei ya Unga imepanda kwa supermarket tu, don't worry about brands bora nione kesho, make things happen to survive)

Anyone below The Rich are in the same boat, maziwa hata kama ni UHT hua inaharibika after a day.

The "Out of reach" make the whole ecosystem work,the most important in the whole piece yet the most desperate.The Cops,Teachers,Jua kali artisans,Watchmen,Cooks,Messengers,Boda boda guys,Matatu drivers,University graduates etc are in this category they keep the wheels turning. To protect themselves the leach and the rest. Hire the "Out of Reach" and keep them dependant on the crumbs.

The "Out of reach" have hope they'll survive one day,if its not them maybe their kids.So they hold on.On the other hand, the Leach and the Rich understand that it's messed up but they want a piece of the cake and hope they take position in power or be close to it to cross over. Meanwhile, the "Out of reach" always feel powerful every five years this is the only time they are noticed and they make sure they milk it dry. They are hopeful because now there is sports betting atleast we have a shot at this. I feel in control of my Destiny.

The elite and the Rich feel the football season isn't everyday, and it's only 90 minutes in 24 hrs. We can't allow them to think. Let's divide and rule. Let insecurity,ethnic tension reign then send policemen from the same community. 
Let them fight amongst themselves. Let them think their enemy is the police, the young unemployed, the beautiful empowered woman.That'll keep them busy and confuse who's the real enemy.

The leaches and the Rich wouldn’t disrupt or say anything because their turn might come up. So they separate themselves from the "Out of reach". Forgetting difference between "ilara", "Brookside" "KCC" and "Maziwa ya kupima" is only packaging and they are all milk when their time runs out they all go bad.

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