What’s Your Sign?

A Metaphysical Thought on Depression


Taking comfort in the motion of deep waters requires tenacity.

The water signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio — the zodiac’s most emotional personalities — sensitive, intuitive, moody, empathic; they stand stoically as the psychic sponges of the world soaking up feelings navigating their churning lives as deeply creative metamorphic human beings. Picture the ocean’s Mariana Trench, Russia’s Lake Baikal, or the Congo River. Transformative powers never tormented nor caressed so passionately as these, at times loving, at times ravaging.

With this much potent spirit, water signs can carve through anyone’s soul — including their own.

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio signs experience extreme highs and lows. Emotions more easily flood them, often without warning or logic. Feelings can easily carry them away, just as the tide attempts to carry swimmers out to sea or crashing white water smashes a rafter against a river’s jagged rocks. They may feel as if they’re often treading water to stay afloat, always battling an inexplicable undercurrent. This is depression.

At times, after an extended battle with tides and waves, they feel hopelessly helpless; power fleeting — they no longer have the strength to fight the surging waters. Exhausted, they give in and sweep away — sometimes drifting, sometimes drowning, at times leading themselves into densely dark places, a watery burial unto its own.

In those drowning moments, it is easy to forget, water signs comprise ultimate forces begging for reckoning. Operating from an emotional place allows for a deeper understanding of others and gives them an empathetic and compassionate nature. No one can shower you with love quite like a water sign.

Remember: water nourishes just as effectively as it can destroy. Where there is water, there is life. And what could be more powerful? The ultimate water sign lesson: HARNESS YOUR POWER. RIDE YOUR WAVES — MASTER THEM. ALLOW THEM TO PUSH YOU FORWARD, NOT PULL YOU OR OTHERS UNDER. YOU ARE NOT A HELPLESS SWIMMER — YOU ARE A POWERFUL OCEAN, A MYSTERIOUS LAKE, A TRANSFORMATIVE RIVER. DEEP, DARK, CREATIVE, SELF-DISCOVERING, INNER ENERGY. THE MOST EXCITING OF ALL THE SIGNS — in my opinion, J.

Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces

Water is the most emotional, intuitive, empathetic, and nurturing of elements. Congratulations water signs!! You grasp relationships, whether human, societal, or cosmic, on a nonverbal, intuitive, vibrational level. Revel in yourself, literally and figuratively. They have the most fun with each other, understand each other like no other signs even dare. We know how to dive deep, tread life, roll with the currents. Take comfort in knowing, without water, there would be nothing in this world. It cannot exist without you. Even though it tries to pretend it can, life would stand dormant and dry. Take claim of your wetness. Stay juicy ;-). Most importantly, don’t allow others to tell you you’re not. Don’t acquiesce to barren, shriveled-up thinking. Bask in your emotions, in your creativity. Learn to mold your moods to your advantage sculpting an incredible love for yourself; then extend your love and creativity to someone, anyone, anywhere, anyway. Especially the dry ones!!

Water people often have difficult times in this world, a world that primarily markets the, how should I say this, more dehydrated values such as reason and logic and the dumbing down of the instinctual human spirit. They world banks on it!! Don’t buy in.

Water tends to sink down and permeate everything with which it comes into contact. Those with strong water in their charts understand and appreciate emotions more than others. They would rather feel an emotion such as depression or moodiness than to feel nothing at all.

On the positive side, this allows them to be compassionate and nurturing. On the negative side, if they don’t set emotional boundaries, they find it difficult to protect themselves from the negative emotions of others. They can then become the ones desperate for nurturing or possessive of those they need. They can become more vulnerable to emotional vampire-ism.

I understand Astrology is a very complex science that certainly can reveal very deep-seated patterns in our psyches. And I by no means am someone who is equipped to give any advice or guidance according to this method. But, I do find it so, so interesting and generally true about myself. I’m a zodiac Cancer, learning as the rest, not to be ruled by fear and the world’s stifled-ness. Creating this post has served as another piece of the mind-blowing puzzle of life.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I found as I researched my own sign, my own depression. And, just a note, all astrological signs have the capacity to become depressed or suffer from other mind-matters. The water signs just have a tendency to be hit the hardest.

CANCER — The moodiest of all signs, Cancer is prone to depression mainly because they often feel that “nobody loves them.” This response comes with the territory — Cancer is the first of the water signs. When a Cancer has the blues, they almost always try to find a friendly shoulder. This can get old for both parties but actually doesn’t help the Cancer that much in the long term. Many times the Crab just doesn’t feel as if they can deal with life’s hardships alone. They must learn that they can handle it, else considerable depression can last a long time. One way to stave the doldrums for a Cancerian is to surround themselves with family and support. And, most importantly, to learn to love themselves from that sweet spot waiting to be savored inside their soul.

SCORPIO — Scorpio can be one of the most depressed signs there is because they feel so deeply. Many times their blues are experienced simply because their deepest relationship has lost its excitement. Scorpio has a tendency to put intense emphasis on their relationships. They will constantly surprise you, i.e., they can go as low as you can go and as high as possible. This is not a sign to stay stuck forever. They are a fixed water sign, meaning they work hard to master their emotions and generally will not allow them to fly free like a Cancerian. Sooner or later, they can summons the willpower to overcome depression if they really want to. It’s all about the will with this intense sign. And the answer is; no, sex will not always provide an instant cure. Sorry Scorpios. It would be easy and grand if it could!

PISCES — Few signs can wallow and suffer in silence like Pisces. However, they really don’t want to make a scene about it, not wanting anyone else to feel bad. Pisces simply can’t stand it when others feel bad as they are essentially very self-sacrificing people. They find it difficult to fight for their own rights due to their built-in attraction to martyrdom or sacrifice. They must fight off a sense of victimhood that they have actually invited. The key to staying happy for Pisces — don’t try to save the world. You are here to do your Higher Power’s will, not everyone else’s.

CAPRICORN — This sign can pin themselves into a corner of limited thinking like no other. They often see no way out of their self-imposed darkness. Because they want a guarantee in life before they’ll move or take a risk; this often leads to their “depression.” They are considered the pessimists of the 12 signs. Their way out; letting go, letting things be, and trusting others.

ARIES — The Ram is seldom depressed unless other forces are at work. They do not like to be cautioned. They thirst for activity and adventure. The cure for Aries is to get more active and get into more adventures where they can challenge themselves. Adrenalin junkies. Usually, they don’t have to contend with depression too much, as is true with all fire signs.

TAURUS — Taurus is an unusual sign because they are fixed and earth. Most Taureans have ONE mood — steady-as-she/he-goes. Normally, possessing an even temperament, this sign hovers just above the level of depression. It’s a hard sign to excite. If a Taurus sign feels down, the best way out is a good meal, a bath, something tactile. Usually, they don’t get too depressed but stay on a nice even keel.

GEMINI — Seldom depressed, boredom is more a Gemini’s thing. There are so many new discoveries to be found that they usually wait about 2 minutes, and their depression passes. It is hard for Gemini to get in touch with deeper feelings — it’s just not their nature. Because of this, if they do have deeply disturbed feelings hiding underground, their depression can often be expressed by sudden, sharp outbursts of criticism, again, for about 2 minutes. Gemini generally has an ever-inquisitive, sharp intellect. They are obsessed with how the mind works and can usually figure out what’s bothering them. The main thing they must do is not run from or sidestep their pain.

LEO — The Lion is the sign that is hardly ever depressed, but don’t let that fool you. They’re good at hiding their pain; especially from themselves. If they feel disrespected, then they can really suffer. Leos try so hard to remain upbeat and act as if everything is fine; therefore, they can do a lot of suffering in silence, simply because they don’t want it known to anybody that they could be toiling with emotions. For the most part, Leos experience an active and upbeat life.

VIRGO — Virgo = seldom depressed. They’re not allowed to be; neither is anyone around them. Depression is seen as weakness only remedied by getting off of their butts and getting back to work. Being productive is the solution to everything? Right? Remember “depress” is a verb, like pushing a button down. Virgos will not allow themselves that choice.

LIBRA — Again, seldom depressed. Librans are smart and find intriguing dialogue and the latest news irresistible. Therefore, talking with friends or engaging in social events is the ticket out of depression for them — if they get depressed. In general, Libran feelings do not run deep. Therefore, they are less likely to suffer depression. They live in thought. One key to getting out of the blues for this sign is to strengthen the self instead of always thinking that a stronger partnership will do it for them.

SAGITTARIUS — Without a doubt, is the most upbeat sign of the zodiac. Sure, they can become depressed, but their nature has them back up and hopping before you know it. This is the excitable sign. Their job is to be upbeat and raise the “cheer” bar. Sag just can’t be around people who could drag down their mood as they are the optimists of the giant circle. They make everyone else lighten up!

AQUARIUS — Seldom will a depressed Aquarian be found. This often aloof sign can have waters that run deep. Usually, however, they are strong mentally and won’t waste the time being down. This is a very advanced and evolved sign. Depression can come to an Aquarius because they feel misunderstood at times, and they can feel like an alien in their world — because they are usually way ahead of their time.