Definitely true in my case.
Kyle Murray

Hi Kyle,

I’m glad you enjoyed the piece! I wish I could have addressed the specific cultural ramifications of male athleisure-y living. Oddly, though, while I see a great deal of casual dress and displays of male bodies, specialized clothing seems to be less of a factor. I live in the NYC area, so I imagine that, were this a Big Asspantsery Thing, I’d be seeing more of it. I could be mistaken, of course. For men, though, it seems to be more about flexing and action. For example, in a local park, I once saw a guy whisk off his Google t-shirt to do handstand push-ups. (Needless to say, we were all very impressed and worshipful.) On the other hand, we’ve seen a rise of tighter clothing for men, where sometimes (being a curmudgeon myself) I think, “that suit really just does not fit and never, ever will.”

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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