Another Useless Fratboy Has His Racist, Rapey, Violent Email Exposed

Rants Ensue

Another useless fratboy has his racist, rapey, violent email exposed and the usual rants ensue. Ranters, you are wrong. It’s not about fraternities or stupid boys. Those topics are diversions, they keep our thoughts and hearts focused on non-issues.

STAY WITH ME HERE. Think about your female friends, of any race or ethnic or religious or sexual identity. Think about the ways your friends have been damaged by men in college by slurs or ignorance or being ignored at a party or not invited to a party or raped at a party or in a dorm room.

This is the entire college experience I am describing but fraternities are a distilled version of the worst of the college party experience, and women fare the worst in the distilled version.

Women can be destroyed in this version, because it’s about hurting us physically and emotionally before we are fully formed. College is where some women, not all women, learn to be strong, learn that there is strength in numbers, learn to trust themselves and other women.

Fraternities teach young men that young women are garbage, and to beat us senseless before we emerge from our Ivy League cocoons to take our places as captains of industry and business and politics and education.

Think about it. It’s insidious. Why don’t women run this country? Why aren’t we even close? We go to the same schools. We are as smart as the boys. Our daddies are rich and have connections.

Maybe some frat boy shoved our face in the dirt, and while he held us down and fucked us in the ass he told us we wanted it and we never quite recovered.

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