Comment of “rediscovering social innovation rewiew”

This article highlights the definition of social innovation; called social innovation “the fact to develop new responses to new social needs or poorly met in the current market conditions.”

The definition of social innovation goes beyond terms such as social entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

Companies have a major role in our society as they provide innovation if they create social value. Indeed, it is innovation that creates social value.

This article then describes the free movement of ideas, values, roles, relationships, and money in all sectors fueling contemporary social innovation.

The social value therefore refers to the creation of benefits or reducing costs in order to meet the needs and problems of society. I am taking the example of the text: “companies like Merck & Co. have established public-private partnerships to donate Mectizan drugs as patients in developing countries”.

It is mentioned that the social problems are the cause of the government and private sectors. Indeed, the social problems not new but this plague continues to evolve over the years, creating a society increasingly individualistic with divisions becoming stronger. Indeed over the last 30 years governments and companies have developed a better appreciation of the complexity of global problems such as climate change and poverty are the most important current topics. Making significant awareness in order to improve things.

Faced with complex situations, governments and companies are focusing more on management and entrepreneurship.

However, most difficult to manage social problems can not be resolved without the intervention of public and private authorities (Greenpeace global warming)

The question is how to deliver new and sustainable solutions to solve the problems of our contemporary society in general interest?

In conclusion, There is a break in the way of doing things. It is an innovative element in our society that is constantly evolving. Social innovation is a creative response to the economic and social problems. In addition, it promotes the well being of individuals.
Social innovation develops new ideas, new concepts, new products or services ….
However, due to an economic context that a certain part of the population is resistant to many things, makes things difficult to establish the objective of a better world …

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