Remote Employees Love Their Jobs!

For the past four years I have been a remote employee and I love it. I can start my day relaxed and comfortable. The time I save commuting I can work out and eat a decent breakfast. I feel like work is not a chore but fun. I enjoy connecting with my colleagues from around the world and since I am home I am not bothered by a call to Saudi Arabia at midnight or a call to New York at 6 am. I love what I do helping companies with communications, sales, operations and making their dreams a whole lot easier to achieve and maintain.

What about you? Do you have a remote or work from home employee story to share? What was easy and how did you solve any challenges? I know for a fact remote workers live better lives, save employers money and can be way more productive with out the stress and strain of a long daily commute.

If you want to talk about a project, contact or connect with me please do so on LinkedIn.

Here are some companies I have been involved with recently:

Broadcast2world — Media /Video— Sales & Business Development

Clients: Walgreens, EBay, Johnson & Johnson, Clif Bar, Sales Force, Epicor, Celerant,, U.S. Department of Defence and Intelligence, United Nations, Embassy of the Republic of Poland and more.

People Collaborating to Achieve Their Goals

This is great information to share with organizations like the Eastbay Collation for Underserved Youth and @GirlsinTech! They can use education and technology to develop a wonderful work from home life style. They can work anywhere they can bring their laptop! I often work at a hotel or cafe!

I hope this information was helpful!