For The Survivors

What an incredible journey. The Hunting Ground walked away with 1 Emmy for the Song “Til It Happens To You” written by the amazing Diane Warren and performed by Lady Gaga.

While we did not win for the documentary it’s an honor to be nominated and we WON for survivors around the world. We shinned a bright light on college campus sexual assault and as a result millions of students feel empowered and have the tools to stand up for themselves and demand change. Not a day has gone by that I have not felt the impact of this film on the world and I am so proud I had the courage to join this brilliant team and to add my name to it. Every day, parents, student, friends and strangers thank me, share how it’s impacted their life, disclose their personal story, tell me they now feel comfortable talking to their children about sexual assault, challenge their school administrators, etc and it is all because they had this film to lean into. It has been screened in theaters and college campuses across the country, it aired on CNN, and it is now available on iTunes and Netflix. Over 300 schools are being investigated for their mishandling of sexual assault cases, resources are being put in place to support survivors, laws are being changed and every now and then, perpetrators are held accountable even if only for 3 months. Getting an education will be safer because of this film. We are literally changing culture and that’s really really hard.

There were many moments in my life that lead me here and I have nothing but gratitude for this long and challenging journey and all the angels that have had a hand in it. I decided to join The Hunting Ground team for several reasons. One, I am haunted by the victims who did not make it and have taken their lives. I’ve spent time with their parents, learned their stories and I know it could have been me, my friends, my daughters…anyone of us. This film is their voice. This film is them rising. As a survivor I will always give voice to those that feel they don’t have one and I will fight for you when you can’t fight for yourself. But most of all, I joined this team for my daughters and the instinct to protect them the minute I saw them. And since I can’t put them in a bubble I decided I would use whatever resources, platform and leverage I had to change their world. Those charming, spunky, sassy, two little girls inspired me to go further in my own truth than I ever believed possible.

This symbol was spontaneously drawn backstage during rehearsals at the Oscars by survivor Jacki Lin. Myself, 49 other survivors and Lady Gaga all got inked up after our Oscars performance and it represents unity. Here’s to standing in unity with survivors around the world. Regardless of what you are surviving, I believe we are all surviving something in life. We’ll have challenging times, bumps in the road, and we’ll have some scars…some visible and some more hidden. Here’s to restoring wholeness. Here’s to living your truth. Here’s to taking the broken parts of ones life and filling them with the most powerful sense of bravery, courage, resilience and serenity. Here’s to a brilliant team who has has fought to give voice to those that feel silent and invisible. We hear you. We see you. And we are with you. I am in awe of everyone on this team and especially Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering without whom, none of this would have been possible.

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