How a Dog and the On-Demand Economy Landed Me My Dream Job

In 2016, we find ourselves in a world where we can get what we want at any moment of the day.

The skeptics will remind us of the cost. The on-demand economy has robbed us of patience and thoughtful action. And before I get to how it (and a shih-poo named Franz) changed my life, I need to be honest: I completely agree with them.

Long gone are the days of my grandfather, a man who was hit by shrapnel in the D-Day invasion and left for dead, rescued by German soldiers, went on to live a “The Notebook” type of marriage, and never bought a thing online. He died at 93 while looking at a picture of my grandmother. He was a fighter, a hard worker and he appreciated everything he had.

Even 10 years ago, there was no Tinder, Ashley Madison, Foodler, Uber… you had to get set up on a date, be creative to cheat, make your own food, and call a damn taxi. People had to plan ahead. If I meet one more guy that thinks “Netflix and Chill” is a plan, I’m going into the nunnery.

But, here’s where this all gets interesting. I’m everything that I just ranted about. I use Uberpool twice a day, regularly have Tinder dates, and I’ve hosted 38 people in my home as an Airbnb host.

And because of the on-demand economy, I went from being an Executive Assistant to a Director of Operations to becoming a Director of Operations atindico, all because I joined an online dog-sitting service, DogVacay.

I was first time published this week in BostInno. Head on over there to read the rest of this article.

*patting myself on the back*