Machine Learning So Easy, Even Your Cat Could Do It (Part 3): Analyzing the Democratic Presidential Candidates

Hi guys! Julie again… you know, the crazy cat lady who’s helping you understand machine learning without needing a PhD. I’m back to tell you more about indico’s magical APIs and how they will help your life. Missed a post? Here you go!

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Today we’re tackling politics.

Ahh the fall. The air is crisp, PSLs are trending, the leaves are turning, and a hot wind is blowing in from D.C. Although it’s ONE ENTIRE YEAR from our next presidential election, the debates are in full swing. So even though it’s not a podium full of cats (like it should be, RIP Socks) it’s still important. Let’s break out indico’s Political Analysis API and do a little comparison shopping on these presidential hopefuls.

He’s got my vote.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee took the stage at this week’s Democratic Debate, so let’s look at a little bit of their recent work and find out just how democatic democratic they really are.

Hillary Clinton

Let’s start with Hillary, since she’s at the front of the polls. Here’s her speech from this summer, laying out her economic plan.

Pretty liberal Hillary! Plus there’s a teensy bit of Green party in there. For your 60% democrat? You get 6 democats. (You should probably tweet this to give Hillary a head’s up.)

Bernie Sanders

What about Bernie Sanders? He seems to be pretty far on the left side of the field…

Bam! 8.5 democats for Bernie. Let him know.

Martin O’Malley

Now on to Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland.

You get 6 democats too, Marty. Marty, what’s good?

Jim Webb

Now you might be saying to yourself — who is Jim Webb? At least, that’s what I said. According to the Washington Post, he’s the former senator from Virginia.

Jim gets himself 7 democats! And wow, I just learned a little bit more about him (like he’s been awarded with two purple hearts, among many other accolades). Let him know how to get noticed!

Lincoln Chafee

Last but not least, we come to Lincoln Chafee, the former Governor of Rhode Island, who might be in all this to run against Donald Trump’s hair. #yikes

56% conservative and only 3 democratic democats!? What! Tell him to get it together!

So ladies and gentevoters, if you want the most liberal democat democrat in the White House, vote for the candidate with the most cats! And the winner is…Bernie Sanders! Of course this isn’t actually an endorsement, just a machine learning evaluation of one of each of the candidates’ speeches. So, when the politics gets a little thick, use indico’s APIs to help you sort it all out.

If you’ve got a blog post, paper, journalistic article that needs to be neutral, or you want an impartial party to make sure you come off on point at the next young Republicans meeting, indico can help!

There are so many use cases for the Political Analysis API: political messaging analysis (surprise), targeting the right political voters, party support projections, checking to see if it’s the angel vs. devil on your shoulder, “Am I doing this wrong?”, and “Go home politics, you’re drunk.”

If you have more questions and want to ask them in a safe place with no judgment? Don’t go to your information dealer on the corner. Hit me up at Follow me on Twitter @southendjulie and indico @indicodata (check out our analysis of statements the candidates made during the debate there!) while you’re at it.

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