Machine Learning will Nix The Dick Pics!

Hahaha, get it? ;)

Hi again! It’s Julie at indico coming at you with a little more machine learning. We’re going to talk a little more about Content Filtering — different from the last post I did on it where I focused on Brand Management and how not to get fired for tweeting out an obscene picture. I’m looking at you, USAirways.

Today I’ve come to talk about Content Filtering for dick pics. As an active member of the online dating scene, I’ve seen my fare share of pics that still give me nightmares. I mean come on guys. Even BuzzFeed jumped in to give you 14 Perfect Alternatives to Sending a dick pic. Just. Please. Stop.

As we continue to educate man and fight the good fight (like this awesome woman did when she trolled him right back), there’s a way we can use machine learning to get us ahead of the game.

A reaction we can relate to.

I talked to the CEO of an online dating company and I picked his brain on how he filtered through photos uploaded to his server to find inappropriate ones or against the TOS. Turns out, people do it. Uhm… but why? Because all the past software has sucked (and change isn’t fun).

So I showed him our demo. Let’s just say, he was impressed.

You can try it out for yourself here:

Because, well, yeah.

Imagine a world where people couldn’t upload gross pics. Send gross pics through messaging apps. Just automatically denied from the final stage of the upload. Or no more having to wait a couple days to process photos for your users.

On that note… in a perfect world, OkCupid would get a much needed makeover (I photoshopped the bottom images to what I should see!).

Because also? Machine learning can be used to detect way more than nudity. But, for now, I’ll fight the good fight one step at a time.

And if you need a quick guy check, ask yourself, “Would my grampa have sent this pic to a lady he was courting?” If the answer is no, don’t send it. Try to limit your pics to a max of 75%.

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