I have a habit of asking my first dates their worst first date stories. They range from all out horrifying, to amusing, to legit “Holy sh*t, no she didn’t!!!” But my favorite? Well, this one was a doozy.

I was out on a date with a guy named Gene. I met Gene online and with an Aste search, I found a Boston Globe article about Gene and a blind date that the Boston Globe paid for. When they asked his date how she prepared for the first date, she said that she tried to Google “Gene + Boston” but came up empty handed. Cut back to me reading the article prior to going on said date with “Gene + Boston” and reinforcing how much this service is needed.

So back to Gene. I, personally, didn’t love our date. He was in investment banking and I remember him telling me about how much money he had made/lost that day. It was a lot and I honestly wasn’t interested.

But my favorite part of the date was when I asked him about his worst first date. This particular story has won for a good while and now I can’t wait for someone to knock this out the park. It’s a quick story so my apologies in advance that there’s not really all that much to it.

Gene was sitting at a table waiting for his date to show up when a women walked up to the table and was much *larger* than her profile pictures. That wasn’t the part that ruins this though. It’s the part when the waiter asked what she’d be drinking and she said….

“Oh, sorry, none for me… I’m six months pregnant.”

Gene met a girl online dating. The girl failed to reveal that she was SIX MONTHS PREGNANT. Instead she chose to wait until their first date to give the big reveal IRL. Pretty sure a quick Aste report would’ve dug up a few recent pics of a birth announcement.

Just sayin’.



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