Do you. Be you.

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There’s only one way to win at the game of life. You have to be you. You can’t live someone else’s dream, you have to live yours.

This is a weird topic to write about because it goes against so many things we’re taught as children. Respect your elders, listen to those who know more than you, learn from others….fuck all that shit. Listen to you. Do you.

Once you get the freedom to stop living in other people’s shadows of what you’re supposed to be, you’re free to live your life. The life you were always meant to live. The one where all of your wildest dreams come true. The one where you enjoy every waking moment of your life.

See happiness isn’t about money. It’s not about cars or houses or girls or things that you have. Happiness is about being truly, 100% happy with yourself and your life and the only way to do that is by living YOUR dream each and every single day. Once you can do that you can unlock the door to unlimited happiness.

Getting out of other people’s shadows is hard. Sometimes our parents want something for us, our friends want something for us, our significant others want something for us or society simply expects something out of us. But the truth is none of these things matter. All that matters is that you live your life exactly the way you want to live it each and every single day. Try it and see what happens.

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