Don’t ever forget where you came from…

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Life is funny. Most of my posts talk about YOU and how imporant it is to do you and be you. But this post is about understanding where YOU came from.

Our lives are made up of millions and millions of people and experiences that we all go through in our lives. When we first set out on chasing our dreams or aspiring to be something more than what’s expected of us we have to go outside of our comfort zone and look for that next step in our life.

As we continue to grow these “steps” turn into stairs and eventually flights of stairs and for some of us even elevators. We get so high off the ground that we might, just maybe, forget the people who helped us crawl onto those first few steps.

Don’t ever forget these people. They’re your biggest supporters, your biggest fans, the people you need to keep closest to you for the rest of your life. Give them a call, send them an email or even a card. These people helped make you who y0u are today. God bless them. Without them you wouldn’t be you.

Don’t ever forget where you came from. Be self assured but humble.

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