All of our parents have told us for years, most likely since we were old enough to understand, don’t talk to strangers. Strangers are “bad” or “dangerous”. True, when you’re a kid you shouldn’t talk to strangers. I grew up in and around New York City and trust me I know what weird strangers are. See below:

This being said, strangers aren’t all bad. Sometimes as we get older our friends turn into something I call “toxic” people. “Toxic people” are also normal people. They’re the people who try and bring us down, try and bring us back to “reality”. Since they’re miserable we need to be miserable too.

It’s funny the way people work. We constantly feel the need for others to be angry if we’re angry or be happy if we’re happy.

As dreamers we have to realize something, this life is ours and ours only. Don’t let haters get in the way. At the end of the day it’s up to you to achieve whatever it is you want to acheive.

Be cautious of the people who you are close to who may actually be causing you more harm than good.

Sometimes for us dreamers strangers are the most amazing people we can talk to. Uber drivers, bartenders/patrons, hobos on the street, friends of friends, you never know who could use a smile and who could inspire you.

Life is full of interesting and amazing people. Try smiling at people, try talking to someone new. You never know who you might find.


Julien Meyer

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