the key to the future (stop advertising)

it’s old. we get it. you’re a tech company. ALL EYEBALLS ARE ON YOU! notice how you’re the only piece of this article in CAPS.

Can we be real for a moment…no one cares. Snapchat, MySpace, Facebooking, Twitter, you’re all the same. You go in and out of style, just like the hottest girl in high school. If you lose your charm, gain too much weight, or treat the nerds too harshly, no one will like you any more.

YouTube and Snap seem to believe that we will put up with their bullshit forever. I care enough about YouTube videos that I’ll watch 0:59 sec videos. Get the fuck outta here. I’ve got Sling motherfucker, get those fucking ads off my videos. Snap: when I watch stories and you show an ad you know what I do? I delete your app from my phone.

I hate this economy. We believe in BULLSHIT.

This world doesnt allow us to recognize that still, the most important things in life happen in person. Meetings, proposals, family gatherings, death, birth, they all happen in person.

Ads don’t mean shit. Just like TV and Radio are losing right now, SNAP and YouTube will lose in due time.

You heard it hear first.

Julien Meyer, 2017.

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