What to do when people judge you?

People love to judge. They love to look at you and think their own thoughts about who they fancy you are or form their own opinions on what it is you do.

Watch this.

If you’ve read any of my Medium articles you should be relatively familiar with my tone here. I try to write from my heart and express my opinions on a number of different view points from a “dreamers” standpoint. What I consider a dreamer is someone who for one reason or another is aspiring to achieve a goal bigger than themselves.

Dreamers deal with a lot of shit. We’re called out for having our head in the clouds, or not going down the normal path or sometimes people just plain tell us that we’re screwing up. Dreamers have a chance to do something bigger than themselves but other people in the world try to bring us down.

My articles aren’t meant to be of high educational value or even of any substantial merit. Again they are just musings from one dreamers view point.

On this note, this article comes from my heart. People have judged me my whole life. Without going into detail, I have been judged on a number of different topics by a number of different people.

People who judge you are almost always jealous of you. Fuck that, they’re definitely jealous if they’re judging you. The way I’ve learned to deal with this is simply by doing the following:

  • When someone judges you, you are infinitely more important than they will ever be because they are taking time out of their day (a resource which is finite) and spending it on forming an opinion of you.

In this light, people judging you becomes almost flattering.

Remember, we can’t achieve big things in life if we let other people thoughts of us define us. Keep going, keep chasing.

P.S. I don’t usually proofread, I prefer to just publish. Please deal with grammatical and spelling errors. Thank you.

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