Why “Normal” is the worst.

One day I’ll write a book. The title is going to be “F@#k Normal” or something more appropriate but conveying the same idea.

Normal distribution curve.

Normal is the worst. Average is the worst. Boring is the worst. I’ve been sick of normal since the day I was born. I was kicked our of the nursery as a child…dead ass…ask my mother. I hate normal. I hate boring. Life is meant to be exciting. We live it once. We have one chance at it. The second you lose yourself you lose your opportunity to make the most of your life.

Think about it. May 9, 2016. Once that day passes, can you ever get it back? ….exactly. Unless you’re Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, there’s no way you can get that day, hour, minute or second back. So stop thinking so much. Realize that your life is YOURS for the taking. You are the determination of your future. You are the only living organism who decides how good, bad, exciting or boring your life is going to be.

I despise (yet love) people who tell me I can’t do something…why not? Why can’t I?… Give me one good reason….(Thats a great Blink-182 song BTW).

But seriously why do we listen to other people? Why do we let them tell us how OUR lives should turn out? Let’s ignore them…This life is yours…Yours for the taking…not theirs.

Enjoy it and make the most out of every second you have on this earth.

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