10 famous brand logos you’ll never look at the same way again

You’re about 30 and never saw any of those incredible discoveries.

Logo design is quite a fascinating world. A world where letters and shapes are used to mean actual things. In fact, we could almost say that the purpose of a logo designer should be to create drawings with a more or less obvious meaning out of simple shapes and letters, which is quite amazing if I may say.

But the best part is that some of them actually managed to be so subtle they put really well hidden things into their logos, that I’m sure you never figured out despite the fact you’ve seen them so many times and half of you probably are graphic designers. Fortunately, this very well-documented article I just wrote will help you to discover unsuspected treasures inside some of the most famous brand logos in the World.

Among the countless gems I found during my graphic researches, here are 10 incredible examples that will help you to shine bright like a diamond during your next low carb brunch with your fellow fixie-riding creatives.

Beats by Dre

Let’s start by a particularly tricky one. If you look very carefully at this logo’s shape, you may see it forming a “B” like in “beats” BUT ALSO a man’s head wearing a headphone, like he’s listening to some music. Isn’t it damn clever?

Sony Vaio

This one also needs a very accurate vision: Those little tapeworm-looking squiggles actually spell the word “VAIO”, which is the name of the laptops they’re put on. Brilliant!

Sun Microsystems

I’m sure this one caused serious headaches to its designer : The four little squares in this logo alternatively create an “S” and a “UN” to write “SUN” several times. If you ask me that’s pure genius. Hope the bastard got paid well.


You’ve seen this one a thousand times, but did you ever notice that those angles form a “V” and a “W”, just like in VolksWagen! That is totally wunderbar don’t you think ?


In this awesome use of negative space, the strange-looking shape inside the black square actually represents an apple! Like Apple, the brand that owns it! Amazing.


I was completely befuddled when I first discovered this one. Did you ever notice that the Orange logo is… ORANGE ??!! Like the fucking color itself! I personally find it totally incredifuckingable.


Hello?? Is there someone in here? I’m desperately searching for a person who’s clever enough to have seen THE LITTLE MAN’S FACE drawn by the “L” and the “G” of “LG” in this logo. No one? That’s what I thought.

Mozilla Firefox

Hey… wait! Doesn’t this strange orange pasta that seems to wrap the Earth look like a fox ? A fox made with FIRE ?? LIKE IN FIREFUCKINGFOX?! You now what? I clearly am so awesome for having noticed that that I’m quite sure the logo designer himself didn’t.


You normal people may just see a pile of random shit here, but I see a “U”, as in “Unilever”. That’s what makes the difference between me and the bunch of fucktards you are.

USA Networks

I just can’t believe I’m the only one on earth who noticed that the negative space beetween the “U” and the “A” actually writes an “S”, but I am. Not that “UA” — which means NOTHING, right ? — should have been a clue for you morons… You know what, I’m kinda tired of being so smart with you, it feels like speaking to dead lab rats.

So, I’m done with this shit. I hope I somehow managed to get you out from your poor mental condition for at least 5 minutes. No need to thank me right now, as I planned to publish 47 more articles like this and turn them into a goddamn paper book, so you can pay for it. That’s the only “thank you” I need from you motherfuckers.

Regards, Julien.

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Julien Moya is a freelance graphic designer working in France. He rides no bike but possesses a huge penis. You can follow him *for free* on Twitter, @julienmoya.

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