Bernie Sanders: The product of spontaneous generation. Not

Update: This settles the matter.


The NY Daily News’ Shaun King found a video clip, from way back when, of a young fellow being roughed up by Chicago’s nicest:

He does look like Bernie Sanders, but who knows for sure.

The Clinton camp has been trying to question Bernie’s bona fides as a young activist. In my mind, the real question is this:

Does the moral fiber required to do a small fraction of what Bernie has accomplished in his political life (including the type of movement he is now prompting nationally) just fall from the sky? Does it come to a person by sheer spontaneous generation? I don’t think so. People can only make themselves into political leaders of this caliber by painstaking experience and struggle, personal and collective.

It seems to me that the Clintons and the mainstream media cannot grasp the personal disposition to do politics other than in terms of careerism, opportunism, greed, and appetite for power. As they are, they judge.

Now, this is not to claim that Bernie or radical leftists are morally pure or anything of the sort. Of course not. Leftists struggle with the same human dilemmas as everyone else. They are as personally flawed or virtuous as anybody else. They just make a conscious effort to take the side of the direct producers on the defining social conflict of our times.

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