The NY Times’ “left leaning economists”

Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that those “left leaning” economists who (according to the NYT) claim that Bernie Sanders’ plan requires the government to expand by 40 percent are correct in their estimate.

Would this expansion be in the military? Would it be an expansion of government to wage horrendous wars abroad? Would this expansion be in incarcerating youth and beefing up the police state? Would this expansion be in making the spooky surveillance state even more out of control? Would this expansion be in making the bloated, fraudulent too-big-to-fail financial system even bigger?

No and no! This would be an expansion in employment and basic social programs at the ground level, programs that would make quality of life much better for regular families, working people, children, the elderly. It would be an expansion of productive jobs to fix a decaying infrastructure, and refitting it with a superior energy system. It would be an expansion in social programs, not at the expense of spiffy, hyper-efficient private corporate programs that are already doing the job well, because these do not exist! It would be an “expansion” that would make it unnecessary for this country to waste an incredible amount of resources in corporate private insurance, finance, and policing.

I’m not accepting that the estimate is correct. No way. I’m just saying that, even if it were correct, the figure should not scare us.

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