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Interpreting comes in three different forms: simultaneous, consecutive, and person-to-person. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter listens as well as speaks or sign at the same time someone is speaking or signing. Often times, interpreters work in pairs with this type of interpreting. With consecutive interpreting, interpreters speak after the speaker has spoken a group or words or sentences. This type of interpreter often takes notes while listening to the speaker. Person-to-person interpretation is the most common type of interpretation technique. This type of interpreter is used for witness testimony in court or administrative hearings and also medical exams, conferences, and video remote interpreting. Julio Mario Medal is also an example of someone who does person-to-person interpreting services for court related cases for those who are only able to speak Spanish and need assistance in translating English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

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Interpreters and translators convert the spoken or written words and expressions of one language into another. Possible occupations include Medical Translator or Interpreter, Administrative Hearing Interpreter, Literary Translators, Sign Language Interpreters, Conference Interpreter, Court Interpreter, and Legal Translators. Julio Mario Medal chose to become a court interpreter based on his knowledge and fluency in Spanish and English. He has helped many Spanish-speaking persons and their families receive proper justice in the United States judicial system.

The difference between a translator and an interpreter is that translators work with written text, while interpreters listen and interpret what a speaker says. Mario Medal News is primarily an interpreter, but also performs translating services for Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Translators and interpreters must be natively fluent in the languages they work with, as well as the particular subject. For instance, if you are a court interpreter you must be familiar with court and legal terminology as well as any street jargon and idioms. Court Interpreters interpret in a criminal or civil court proceeding, such as an arraignment, motion, pretrial conference, preliminary hearing, deposition, or trial, for a witness or defendant who speaks or understands little or no English. Interpreters and translators must also deliver the intended meaning of a person, so they have to take into consideration the other person’s cultural expressions.

News, the number of those looking to start a career in interpreting and translating is growing in the field of court interpreting and legal translators. Court interpreters must pass a series of exams, including written and oral proficiency, in order to become certified. Julio Mario Medal News is a Certified Spanish Court Interpreter performing interpreting services for depositions, hearings, trials, mediations, meetings, arbitrations, immigration, conferences, and escorting. In addition to these interpreting services, he also does document translations. You can find Mario Medal serving the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties in Southern California.

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