Here’s why one shouldn’t miss Sauti Sol’s concert

The Kenyan afro-pop four man band Sauti Sol will hold its much anticipated concert here in Kigali. It is official the group will perform at the Camp Kigali Conference Centre (KCEV) on Saturday, September 17. The show is part of other series of shows they are holding across Africa- the ‘Live and Die in Afrika Tour’.

If you recently watched the band’s mind blowing ‘Kuliko Jana’ acapella version from their latest album featuring the Upper Hill School Choir, then you will have to agree that these people should have their second show in Rwanda. When they visited their former school where their singing and music was honed, the short video was posted and it went viral.

The band last performed in Kigali in 2015 during the fifth annual KigaliUp Festival, but also came back during Stromae’s show though they didn’t perform. However, they found it realistic for them to hold their show in Kigali for the second time.

They are a number of reasons for one to reserve his seat for this show earlier. First, Sauti Sol is one of the leading music groups not only in East Africa but within the whole continent. They have been recognised with various prestigious awards, they have been to several big gigs in Africa, Europe, and United States of America, among other places. This would therefore be a great opportunity as a music fun to be part of this experience.

Secondly, the show is part of their latest album, the first of its kind to be digitally launched. With a number of songs inspired by African stories, one would clearly tell that it is indeed a great idea to join them to celebrate the African music. Finally, one could imagine that there’s a growth in all aspects from a decade long of doing music, and it is therefore wise especially for our artistes to come and learn.

“My first comment is to rejoice the fact that our neighbors have interest to launch their album in Rwanda that means for them it’s not just a normal gig they are coming to launch so they will go all out to give us the best show,” said Bruce Twagira, the head of Rock Events that is organising the show.

“The difference is that if you have seen them perform they perform full live not the usual semi live we have seen previous regional or best African artists do. People should expect a lot from them,” he added.

Although this show was slated to take place last month, organisers said it was impossible as their sponsors had other commitments.

Meanwhile, the entrance fee is Rwf10,000 and Rwf400,000 for regular seats and VIP (a table of 8people with drinks) respectively.

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