The twinny (queen) of all the time

Some years back I got a chance of experiencing childhood memories like any other child out there. When I finished my lower classes, I was able to get admitted at a very good school, the school of excellence which every kid of our time wanted to join.

When I begun senior one, almost everything was quite different from what I had known and experienced when I was still in my primary. From new lessons and subjects, performing hands-on activities (spending time in labs), audible range of new principles of how the school is run, and more importantly meeting new people of different backgrounds and identities.

The reality is that meeting new people is always quite challenging to several folks especially me. You kind of feel nervous, want to learn what they like and what they don’t like so as you know how to treat them, you also want to figure out whether they are eventually the right people meant to be in your life. These are some of the questions that you ask yourself.

I wasn’t comfortable not until I shared my story with one of the people who also call me his twin (not real twin-queen story though); so we had to talk about things in our personal lives, family matters, and all that. Fortunately, it was like brothers had just met… this is how I literally started feeling myself at a new school.

However, my life wasn’t satisfied not until I joined the second year of my ordinary level. At least at this moment you start feeling like you have learnt something and that the experience is becoming vast.

When the first term of my senior two started, all we were waiting for was the new intake of people especially those coming in senior one. These almost seem to be your class whenever you’re one class away from them simply because they are young and that you can confidently talk to anyone from there- be it things related to relationships (girlfriend & boyfriend) or anything else.

So there’s this beautiful, elegant, quite smart and loving but boyish young lady who, to be honest, many wanted to talk to for the first time when she joined high school. I am talking about my twin (real name queen Nkusi).

Girls kinda loved my behaviours and the attitude I had was always attracting them to pose a lot of questions: where do you stay? Do you have sisters; we’d love to meet them? How about your mother? And so on… when they saw queen, everyone thought one of the questions they always asked me was being answered!

So they brought her (twinny) to my class, and girls called me that they have brought my sister, and I was like come on, I don’t have any sister from this country, but they continued bagging me about how there’s this schoolgirl that we look a lot like (resemble) and that I should come out and see her. I had to agree and went out of the classroom during the night prep to see who that my sister was.

Well, honestly I was struck by the gorgeousness not sisterhood and brotherhood stuff… Lol! Don’t blame me for this. Instead of asking why and how we resembled each other, like chalk and cheese questions were flowing in my brains (don’t ask me what that was also).

But the point is, from the moment we knew each other; some kind of touchy bond was created between each other. The birth was the name “Twinny”, and yes this was carrying great weight in all ways.

Although we didn’t spend a lot of time together cos I was admitted to a different school, but my heart always told me to never abandon her. My love for her was incredibly stronger to the extent where many had realised it especially close friends.

Now that she’s just grown up, from what I have witnessed, I had to write this long piece for you to tell you how much am proud of you.

Hey my twinny, the queen of all the time, the sister from another mother, the sweetheart that I don’t want to lose, and name the rest of the million names. My heart is full of perfect joy and happiness simply because of how far you’ve come.

I know you understand it much more I do; but sincerely, graduating is way beyond what someone would just feel. It feels like you’ve accomplished one of the steps in your life, and yes it’s perfectly factual.

I just wanna wish you to grow up because growing older is something that happens whether you want or not. There’s a difference between the two; if you are 19year old today, the next year you’ll turn to twenty whether you want or not. This means that growing older is mandatory. On the contrary, if you’re 19 and do productive things within all that time, the next year you’ll have grown up. This means that growing up is something that you fight for, and this is what I wish you to have!

In fact if you were here, I should’ve cuddled you, hugged you, and kissed you and gave you all the things you like in life. But, now that you’re not here, I must say that the distance will not take us apart instead the communication between us will bring the best in both of us to the reality.

Inspired by your graduation twinny!