Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly
Zat Rana

I’ve read quite a few posts on Medium which have mentioned Meditations––and for good reason. I’ve read it and I plan on rereading it. It’s like The Aeneid for me: one of those few books I want to read again and again. You can certainly mold your mind to its enlightening principles. It reveals the power of clarity, but it also has the power to direct you to what matters in life, whatever that might be for you. Isn’t it a bit of irony though that the philosopher king who Plato advocated for had to spend his service in the pursuit of war?

To your point about organizing of the thoughts, I think that’s a part of why us writers’ write. We have all these thoughts, ideas and theories galloping in our heads we need to get them out, and by default they need to be organized so we (and others) can make sense of them. I write fiction too so it works the same way with my rank imagination.

Thanks for the post, Zat. I enjoyed it.

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